Pros and Cons of Flex Seal Liquid

You are often in need of a proper sealant which also acts as an adhesive in order to fix the cracks and the breaks in your home. Many times your walls may crack, your bathroom pipes may leak or things may break. The best way to fix them yourself is use to make use of the Flex Seal Liquid. Flex seal acts not only as one of the best sealants but also as an adhesive. It is considered to be a solution to most of the problems. Flex seal becomes tough when applied to surfaces. It does not harden which makes it very flexible. Flex seal lasts for a really long time as the seal does not become hard and it remains flexible.

Pros and Cons of Flex Seal

People who have used Flex Seal have seen a lot of advantages and disadvantages. Listed below are the pros and the cons of Flex Seal.


  • Flex seal is can be used very easily and without any hassle.
  • Flex seal can be used on a number of surfaces that includes concrete, glass, wood, fabric, plastic, fiberglass, metal. The surface has to be clean and smooth for Flex seal to work perfectly.
  • Flex seal acts as both as a sealant and an adhesive.
  • It does not crack or peel off.
  • Flex seal is not only waterproof but also weatherproof.
  • Flex seal is very safe to use even around the animals and plants.
  • It can prevent the growth of mildew.



  • The Flex Seal Liquid cannot be used in the high pressure locations at all.
  • There are chances that the Flex seal may become hard and start peeling off when it is exposed for a very long period of time.

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