Food- the very basic need of life

Not a luxury but an essential

Food is one of the basic needs of mankind without which it will be wiped out. We need food to survive and live on. It is not an option or a luxury, it is the very basic of all essentials. Like mankind itself, food has also gone through a huge evolution over the decades.


Man used to live in the caves at the very beginning of time and his food used to be raw uncooked meat and fruits. It slowly kept evolving as we first discovered fire and then many different techniques of cooking food. New spices and types of food were discovered and today we are at a stage where man has millions of options when it comes to what they want to eat. Not all these options are the same as the other though. The reason why we have food is the nutrition it provides to our body to sustain a healthy life and to ensure that our body does not breakdown under the pressure of everyday life. Not every food item has the same nutritional value.

There are food items which are very high in their nutritional value and prove to be a great source of nutrition to our body. It is important that we consume these food items as much as possible to keep ourselves healthy. There are some food items on the other hand which are absolutely detrimental to our physical and even our mental health and should be avoided as much as we can. Food which is little to no nutritional value and which has a lot side effects, such as the various junk food that we now find on the menu, can be very dangerous as they add very little nutritional and lead to many problems such as obesity and diabetes. We do not need a blanket ban on all these kinds of food. It is okay to indulge in our vices and have these food items every now and then, but we must not make it a habit and have nutritional food as much as possible. There are also supplements such as glucosmart which are now readily available and help us get the crucial nutrition that our body needs.

Look to the experts for help

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